Waving Willow Walking Woman, 50x40cm, mi

Nordic Art Concepts specialises in Nordic, contemporary Art and Artistic expression. We bring Visual Art, Ceramics and Jewellery. 


Our Artists work in a wide range of materials and directions, like Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Photography, Textile, Metal and Clay. By sharing Stories, our vision is to inspire to more knowledge about Art and Artists and connect people from different parts of the world closer to each other. 

Nordic Art Concepts will be happy to work with you to find and place works of art in your collection, whether you are an individual collector, art-interested, design-interested, organisation or institution. Book a meeting to see a work or meet the artist.

If you are interested in displaying our concepts or specific artists in an exhibition in your gallery, we will be happy to schedule a time and work with you. For more information about us, find information buttons at the end of each page. 

Nordic Art Concepts works to present you innovative digital art solutions. We are supported by Innovation Norway 

Autobiographical artwork by Tammo Rist, presenting a representation of himself as "The German"