Vibrant colorwork in this contemporary abstract by Manuel Portioli, Untitled 6, Crop, original size 100x70cm
Detail work from large scale drawing Saturn, by Olivera Mićić.
Detail from the artwork TV copy by Olivera Mićić, showing a woman, her face covered with hair.
Forgive me (blue). Abstract Artwork by Siri Skogstad, Norway, The work is build through random, jagged, energetic linework, irregular and broken, entangling, twisting and twirling, conveying a vision of something disordered, a disturbance or emotional disorganisation. The Color palette is held in toned blue towards shades and a dark background.
No Water. No Moon. Mixed Media work by Siv Storøy, Norway.150x170cm on aliminum
Pelt II by Kristina D. Aas, textile art created with jacquard weaving depicting human skin, hair and tattoo.
Untitled (nymphs), mixed media on canvas by Manuel Portioli
Autobiographical artwork by Tammo Rist, presenting a representation of himself in the work "Germans"


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